Ripple, Nasdaq and ICE invited by US congressman to discuss ICO regulation

Warren Davidson has invited 32 blockchain leader to come and discuss the ICOs regulation. 


A meeting at the Summit


All major Blockchain personalities were invited by Warren Davidson, a member of the US Congress, on September 25, 2018. Guests include Kraken, Ripple, Harbor, CME Group, Circle, Corner Center, Nasdaq and ICE. In an interview, Warren Davidson said: 

ICO’s need ‘light touch’ regulation

He continues in his view that a clear legal framework is necessary for the good development of ICOs. In his opinion, the ICOs should in particular impose a KYC procedure and a procedure against money laundering. 



Crypto are more easily traceable than cash.


The congressman also pointed out that crypto currencies are particularly popular with criminal organizations because they are decentralized, and therefore do not require the intervention of a third party, such as a bank. Nevertheless, it raises an interesting paradox. Crypto currencies are more easily traceable than cash. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is far from anonymous. 

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