Dan Morehead (Pantera Capital) : “Time to buy”

Pantera Capital CEOs made several very optimistic statements to the press!


The Time to Buy


That’s actually a good time to increase your position – Dan Morehead

Dan Morehead had called investors to take long positions in April stating that Bitcoin had finally reached its bottom. Today, the virtual currency is nearing its bottom after a fall of nearly 30% in less than two weeks. 

My normal view is that it’s going to return to its trend – Dan Morehead

For Pantera Capital CEOs, Bitcoin should resume its uptrend very soon. The industry would be at its lowest, and the turning point reached. It remains to be seen whether operators will show the same optimism. Meanwhile, Pantera Capital remains in deficit more than 23% since December 2017 on Bitcoin.



A slowed industry?

According to Dan Morehead, the industry is at its lowest. The trend should, therefore, be reversed in favor of buyers. And bring Bitcoin to reinstate its upward trend. Moreover, this info is to put in perspective with the statements of Coinbase which has just announced add another 50 000 users per day despite the downward trend. The Blockchain sector still seems buoyant, the rebound could be all the more important. 


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