Tron buys

Tron continues its strategy of growth. After the acquisition of Bittorent, it is which is in the collimator of Justin Sun.


Tron develops its infrastructure


Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO, continues his expansion strategy and buys After acquiring Bittorent, Tron continues to expand its network and now attacks big data. Of course, for investors, it is a sign of good health of the project. After acquiring a base of 300 million users through the acquisition of Bittorent, Tron is now trying to adapt its infrastructure to its users.


The interest of the data

All businesses are interested in the Data. Nowadays it has even become the sinews of war. Indeed, it is thanks to DATA that Tron will be able to know the Blockchain ecosystem, its users, and its needs. Thus, TRON will be able to adapt to the real constraints of the Blockchain and offer a service always closer to the needs of its users.. 



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