Litecoin transactions via Telegram?

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, announced today on Twitter that Litecoin would be exchangeable by Telegram.


Exchangeable on Telegram, and maybe via SMS


For litecoin, it’s great news. It is typically these improvements that promote adoption. It’s a Swiss startup that has developed this technology called “Zulu Republic”. In addition to being able to exchange his litecoins, it will be possible to consult the balance of his portfolio. In addition, the startup should launch a similar system, but using SMS and not Telegram. It would be a step further for Litecoin who has suffered a lot in recent months.





Bounce on support at 50 USD? 


For the moment, Litecoin falls towards support at 50 USD. We are moving in a compression pattern, and we have just left a declining range. The trend is still bearish, but difficult to consider a correction below 50 USD in the short term, the support seems very solid. It is, therefore, a good entry point, but to position yourself safely, better wait until Litecoin leaves his compression pattern on the rise


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