Canaan launches a television mining cryptocurrencies

Canaan Creative, the world’s second largest manufacturer of mining equipment announced the launch of the world’s first television to incorporate a Bitcoin’s minor.

According to the South China Morning Post, Canaan Creative will launch a television capable of mining Bitcoin while calculating its profitability in real time.

The company, which has recently applied for an IPO, is confident that there will be strong demand for what it calls “the world’s first TV to mine bitcoins.”

According to our sources, the TV will have a computing power of 2.8 Th / s, we don’t know yet its consumption, but we know that the most powerful miner currently at Canaan, offers 11 Th / s of power calculates on the SHA-256.

The TV will also be able to calculate the profitability of its mining in real time and allow users to “buy entertainment content or physical gifts” via the Canaan platform.

The object will offer a diagonal of 43 “, it will include a voice command function and a 4K resolution.

To comment on the development of this product, Xiao Lei, Bitcoin analyst based in Beijing, said:

It’s more like a hype. It would be more useful for these companies to be able to integrate this mining function into the existing products of the major TV brands.

The company has indicated that it does not intend to develop other home appliances focused on cryptocurrency.

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