Coinbase Custody could add more than 30 Altcoins to its service! (XRP, EOS, XMR, NEO etc.)

Coinbase announced on its blog that its service for institutional investors (Coinbase Custody) is considering adding 30 altcoins to tradable pairs!


Institutional investors


Coinbase Custody is primarily a service for institutional investors, set up by the famous platform: Coinbase. The company wanted to allow large capital to enter a market that suffered until now a bad reputation. By providing an additional layer of security and tailored services, the company has attracted investors and now wants to offer them a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Of course, there is no doubt that this is good news for the selected cryptocurrencies, but also for the market as a whole.





A favorable news for the market


The entire market should benefit in the long term from this news. Indeed, the arrival of institutional investors should drain capital on the market and ultimately lead to higher prices. The market is particularly under the edge at the moment, their arrival is perhaps not a coincidence. The period is clearly conducive to speculation.. 


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