The new Innosilicon ASIC A10 ETHMaster is available for pre-order

As we witness the first deliveries of the Antminer E3, the ASIC minor for ETH Bitmain, the manufacturer Innosilicon announces the arrival of competition with its A10 ETHMaster. 

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The first returns on the Antminer E3 Bitmain appeared on the web last week. It appears that the announced hashrate of 180 Mh / s is exceeded since some indicate that their model reaches 205 Mh / s. 

Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster

It won’t take long for the Chinese firm to announce the arrival of competition to the Antminer E3. Indeed, the A10 ETHMaster, which comes in three versions, promises a Hashrate more than twice that of Bitmain.

Here are the characteristics of this minor in its three versions: 365 Mh / s – 650 W, 432 Mh / s – 740 W and 485 Mh / s – 850W. The prices are obviously higher than for the Antminer E3, but the ratio Hashrate / consumption is much higher.  

These performances are not surprising and the company has accustomed us to this with its previous minor for the Equihash algorithm, the A9 ZMaster, which is still to this day, the most profitable ASIC miner on the market with around $ 89 in net profit per day. 

A9 ZMaster

The A9 ZMaster Miner from Innosilicon offers an exceptional 50 Ksol / s power on the Equihash algorithm.

PSU: Included

Décibel: 70 dB

Hash Rate: 50 Ksol/s

Power: 620 W

Algorithm: Equihash



Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster

This miner promises a hashrate / consumption ratio very interesting, much better than GPU and the E3 Bitmain. depending on the version, you can expect to earn between $ 13 and $ 17 a day at the current ETH rate. As I prefer to calculate my profit in cryptocurrency rather than Fiat, the most powerful version of this minor will guarantee you an income of nearly one ETH per month, which is better than anything I know, currently on the market. (ASIC and GPU)

We are pleased to offer you this new pre-order miner. Deliveries will begin in early September 2018 and the first arrivals will be the first served, as usual.  

A10 ETHMaster

The Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster Miner offers exceptional power of 365 Mh / s, 432 Mh / s and 485 Mh / s on the Ethash algorithm..


PSU: Included

Décibel: 70 dB

Hash Rate: 365 Mh/s – 432 Mh/s – 485 Mh/s

Power: 650 W – 740 W – 850 W

Algorithm: Ethash

€4,908.00€6,890.0HTLe Mineur A10 ETHMaster de Innosilicon offre des puissances exceptionnelles de 365 Mh/s, 432 Mh/s et 485 Mh/s sur l’algorithme Ethash€4,908.00€4,908.00


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