Kardashians get into Bitcoin!

“We move on to Bitcoin !”


A celebrity and millions of fans


Kim Kardashian, a famous American reality TV star who has more than 58 million fans on Twitter, joins the Bitcoin movement and announces it to his Instagram community! This is an unprecedented advertising for Bitcoin, as one Netdit user points out, Kim Kardashian serves as a barometer for younger generations to know what is “trendy” or fashionable, and what does not. The beginning of a new hype around Bitcoin? 


“Everything Kardashian sucks ass, but a lot of her fans use her as a barometer for what’s fashionable or cool. It’s retarded, but that’s just the way it is. Not only that, but a large percentage of her followers, I would bet, have never heard of bitcoin, so it’s a net positive, I think.” Redditor, TerminalSiesta



And for those who do not know Bitcoin yet …


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