Less than 1% of US investors expect to buy Bitcoin.

Survey reveals that less than 1% of US investors say they are ready to buy Bitcoin. 


US investors are intrigued.

Only 1% of respondents expect to buy Bitcoin soon. While enthusiastic’s cryptos are already looking forward to the end of the downtrend, it seems that the confidence is not yet good for new investors. Nevertheless, they are interested in cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that a new bull run will change their minds. A large number of investors are preparing to join the market, but obviously, it is not planned for tomorrow! 

An asset that still suffers from a bad reputation

Cryptocurrencies are still seen as a very risky asset and it seems that this is one of the obstacles to its adoption. It should be noted, however, that the respondents had to have at least 10,000 USD invested in the traditional economy. We must, therefore, qualify this opinion, which only reflects a part of the population.

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