ICO Analysis: AERGO

Aergo is a 4th generation blockchain built specifically to fit the needs of the business. It aims the mass adoption of blockchain usage by combining the capabilities of public and private blockchain in one solution.

The idea of the project: a 4th generation architecture

The Aergo platform gives businesses and developers the ability to easily build and deploy their own blockchain applications in the cloud.

The platform offers the opportunity for developers to set their blockchain and Apps on a fast and secure blockchain architecture in the cloud that manages private and public channels. It will also provide an open ecosystem for business stakeholders to meet.

The usefulness of the blockchain

The blockchain is at the heart of the idea of Aergo who wants to improve it by proposing 3 components :

-AERGO Chain: a blockchain based on the evidence of stake allowing the linking of companies

-AERGO Hub: A public interface and hosting service of AERGO Chain

-AERGO Marketplace: allows storage P2P exchanges, computing power or algorithms

The AERGO token is the medium of exchange within the ecosystem. It will be used for smarts contracts, the proof of interest algorithm, a means of payment within the Hub and the Marketplace …

Available documentation

Official website here.

White Paper here.

FAQ here.

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The team

The team behind Aergo includes 15 members who all come from the same company: Blocko. Blocko develops private blockchains for companies and is therefore already well known in the industry. There are 10 engineers on the technical part and 5 people in the business and marketing part. In the team, we have a former vice president of several boxes for 20 years, a developer with 11 years of experience, people with experience in databases or at Accenture. Their success in the Blocko business is very promising. It’s a very good team.

Public Sale and Token

To date, no information has been published, we will be attentive to the launch dates of the ICO and in particular pre-sales and private sales.



The development of blockchain adapted to the company is the subject of the moment. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM or SAP already have a functional product. Competition may be tough. But there is room for new actors and Aergo offers a very well thought out and original product. Indeed Aergo combines the best of private and public blockchain in one solution. It is a complete 4th generation ecosystem that will allow developers, customers, applications and integrators to work together. Their idea of a hybrid blockchain is really very good and promising. In addition the team has a lot of experience on the blockchain and has proven itself. Auspicious then.

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