Google joins the Blockchain universe!

Google finally joined the blockchain by announcing a partnership with two Blockchain start-up on Monday, July 23! 


Google and the Blockchain


Google had already taken a step towards blockchain this week by once again allowing Coinbase to advertise. Today, it’s official, Google launches into Blockchain to bring DLT solutions (Distributed Ledger Technology) to its Google Cloud platform in partnership with Digital Assets and BlockApps. 

Blythe Masters, a JP Morgan Chase alumnus, to state:

We partner with Google to provide developers with a full stack solution to unleash the Blockchain’s web innovation potential. 




A partnership that delighted everyone


In their press release, the various companies involved in this partnership did not hide their enthusiasm. The Block Apps CEO declared: 

BlockApps is pleased to integrate its platform with GCP and support GCP’s customers

Similarly, Leonard Law, head of Google Cloud, announced: 

We are excited to innovate with Digital Assets. DLT has great potential for customers. 


Does this partnership satisfy you too?  


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