G20 provides anti-money laundering plan for the month of October 2019

The world’s largest economies are considering a definitive plan to enforce regulatory standards against money laundering. 


Crypto assets will be subject to international standards against money laundering


G20 member countries will remain “vigilant” even though “crypto assets would not pose a risk to the global economy at present”. The G20 calls on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to “clarify in October 2019 the way its standards apply to crypto assets”. The regulation is not for now, we have more than a year in front of us, but this initiative of the G20 shows the interest that member states have for active crypto.





The G20 is very open to active crypto users


While we spoke of strict regulation a few months ago, it turns out that the G20 is open to the development of crypto assets. In their report, very positive on the issue, the G20 highlights the innovation aspect and proposes flexible control methods. Clearly, the will of member states is not to prohibit crypto assets, but simply to provide them with a framework to develop in the best conditions



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