Google allows ads for Coinbase

Coinbase, a leader in the cryptocurrency market, is once again allowed to advertise on Google! 


Google and Facebook are reconsidering their decision. 


Rather in the year, Google, Facebook and Twitter had announced banning advertising for cryptocurrencies. This had contributed to lower prices in recent months. It was Facebook that opened the ball. Today, Facebook once again voted first to allow advertising on crypto actives again. Coinbase is one of the first companies to benefit from it, but the phenomenon could spread to all crypto companies recognized worldwide.  





A news that reinforces the confidence of buyers. 


The last few weeks have been paved with good news. This is added to the list of bullish events coming on the market. Indeed, advertising will bring in new investors, and therefore further increase the market. But beyond that, it’s mostly a sign that crypto assets are trusted assets and that we can trust the leading companies in the market.



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