7 interesting ICOs from 23 to 30 July

InvestIn presents you a list of interesting ICOs whose presale or public sale will take place in the next 7 days. That does not mean you have to invest in it, it’s just our top of the week. Do your own research, we bring you all the elements every week, in this article!



Beginning of the public sale on July 27

BitForex is a digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing users with secure, professional and convenient digital currency trading services. It currently has users in more than 86 countries. Key members of the team come from world-renowned companies such as Merrill Lynch, World Bank, McKinsey, Microsoft, Tencent and Lenovo, and graduates from MIT, Columbia University, Cambridge University, National University of Singapore, etc. They are highly skilled talents in the fields of science and technology, finance and blockchain.



Beginning of the public sale on July 25

Monetizr (Techstars) is the must-have platform for game economies. The Monetizr Game Reward Engine integrates directly with games and rewards players with MTZ chips for their time and skills. Monetirzr rewards increase play time and engagement, increasing gaming developer’s in-app purchase and advertising revenue. Players use MTZ tokens in any participating game to purchase items in the game or physical objects related to the game.



Beginning of the public sale on July 30

With a significant share of blockchain-dependent workflow-based consensus protocols (PoW), an efficient and intelligent encryption operation makes sense. NordCoin’s Mobile Mining Container (MMC) technology is a stand-alone, remotely controlled crypt-extraction solution designed to overcome the three most significant variables affecting crypto-mining profitability: efficient hashing rate, cost of energy and the cost of space. A total of 30 MMCs will be activated, with an estimated net profit of $ 45,000 crypto per month and per container.

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Beginning of the public sale on July 30

Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to provide a simplified user experience and a platform for all users, regardless of their technical ability, to participate fully in the new cryptocurrency economy. Phoneum’s mission is to provide equality for everyone by making mining accessible to everyone.


Beginning of the public sale on July 28

Qravity is a decentralized platform for content production and distribution where creators own and benefit from their work. It is a digital entertainment production and distribution platform where decentralized creative teams earn royalties for making movies, games, music, and more.



Beginning of the public sale on July 26

Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that allows access, creation and distribution of data and service products with authenticity and provenance at its core. Quadrant will use a proof-of-power consensus mechanism to manage more transactions, operate at a lower gas price, perform faster transactions, and prevent malicious nodes from entering data. An external proof of work chain will serve as an anchor for security purposes.


Beginning of the public sale on July 27

WatermelonBlock is a data analytics company with a suite of products that provide cryptocurrency information to FinTech using a combination of sentiment analysis, derived from social networks, in addition to traditional technical analysis. WatermelonBlock evaluates the degree and volume of the positive or negative feeling of a token or ICO. WatermelonBlock operates on the NEM blockchain and cooperates with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to process and analyze large data.

This is our personal analysis. We do not give you investment advice. Do your own research from various sources.

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