Samsung now accepts cryptocurrency payments in three countries!

Samsung has just announced that it accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method in three countries!


The computer giant opens the ball and accepts Cryptocurrencies. 


Samsung will accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in three Baltic countries: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. For now, only Bitcoin, cash bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted. Nevertheless, the firm intends to add new cryptocurrencies in the coming months. Still a big step for the crypto-sphere, the arrival of a giant like Samsung can only lead to positive long-term consequences for the entire ecosystem.




Bitcoin mainstream: It’s coming soon. 


The news continues very quickly at the moment for Bitcoin. Samsung has just made its announcement, but it is not the first of the summer in favour of the democratization of Bitcoin. Indeed, the SEC should vote, in August, the acceptance or not of ETFs on Bitcoin. This event could transform the market and allow a new rally. This was the case with gold a few years ago, there is no reason for Bitcoin not to follow the same logic if the application comes to be accepted. 



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