Stellar now has a higher market cap than Litecoin

Stellar and climbing. With nearly 30% gains in the last 24 hours, the market is booming following the very good news that fell for the company in recent weeks. Let’s go back together on the different points! 


Stellar, a copy of Ripple?


On the form, Stellar is close to Ripple in every respect. It is also a former member of the Ripple team who initiated the project following a difference of opinion. Nevertheless, Stellar begins to stand out more and more from Ripple, especially on the bottom. The project is not managed at all in the same way and there are very different opportunities for the two giants crypto payment.





Stellar exceeds Litecoin in terms of Market Cap


Stellar has just set a new record by catching up the market capitalization of Litecoin. Nevertheless, this news remains to be taken with tweezers, the news of the last days were more than positive which can explain the euphoria of the operators. Simple fashion effect, or profound reversal of the market, only the future will tell. Still, Stellar is now dangerously close to Ripple.


Several major news


In addition to its adaptation by Islam announced in the week, Stellar is part of the cryptocurrency that will soon be accepted on Coinbase. A fortiori, a sharp rise in prices was predictable, Coinbase being one of the largest trading platforms of Crypto Coins in the world. We will remember Bitcoin Cash which had taken more than 100% when it was added to Coinbase. 


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