BMW now accepts Bitcoin as a payment!

I bought my BMW 5 Bitcoins. This is the type of sentence that will be heard soon, major players that support Bitcoin are more numerous, mainstream adoption approach. 


BMW a huge market for Bitcoin


The car market is huge, it’s a real opportunity for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. The German firm has announced to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. If it pleases consumers, other brands should adopt it too. The car market is for several billion people, it’s a real open door for cryptocurrencies.





Several good news, the return of the bull market?


Several very good news has fallen in recent days. We saw it again this morning with speculation around ETFs, Bitcoin seems to dominate the market again. The trend is reversing, whether on the market or in people’s minds. The return of good news, while the market is at its lowest, appears as a glimmer of hope for investors. Indeed, the adoption by BMW should further strengthen the dominance of the BTC and allow the arrival of new funds.. 




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