South Korean platforms meet legislators’ requirements

The good news continues on the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks. This time, the news comes from Korea: Several cryptocurrency trading platforms have been declared compliant with the security requirements imposed by the new legislation.


Korea, a major player in the market


South Korea is a major player in the cryptocurrency market. It alone accounts for nearly 20% of all trade and the possible strengthening of the legislation had shaken all the crypto sphere at the beginning of the year. More recently, lawmakers have announced more flexible than expected reforms. Now it’s official, 12 trading platforms including Bithumb, UPbit, Gopax, OKCoin Korea and Huobi Korea.





Reforms auspicious for the market


The reforms are more flexible than expected, we are very far from the ban and all the FUD that was released during the year. On the contrary, it is very good news that comes out: The platforms are regulated, investors can flock. This news is in addition to the excellent news of the last days. The market is on a support, it is quite the type of news that we expect to support buyers!


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