Bitfinex is getting closer to institutional investors

Bitfinex is getting closer to investors by launching a service entirely dedicated to them. 

Bitfinex partners with Market Synergy

Once again this week, the traditional economy is caught up by the crypto sphere influencers. The giant Bitfinex is partnering with Market Synergy to offer a service specifically dedicated to institutional investors. Market Synergy is one of the founders of Fxecosystem Group, a major player in the traditional economy. 

Institutional investors will be able to invest directly on Bitfinex

Thanks to its partnership, Bitfinex is opening up to institutional investors in line with Coinbase. A network specifically designed for these elite investors has been designed by Market Synergy teams and will be hosted in Switzerland. From now on, institutional investors can invest directly on Bitfinex!

Another big step for the cryptocurrency market.

We had seen in the previous article on Litecoin and Binance, the cryptocurrency market, and especially the influencers, are taking strategic positions in the traditional economy. What would have seemed unthinkable a year ago is now possible. Prices are falling, but the industry is moving forward, the market will recover!


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