Two major changes for Ripple

The company Ripple, through its blog, has announced two major changes in the structure of its staff. Those changes might as well see some of Ripples’ operations take a new direction.

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In a recent article by Ripple, the company announced that David Schwartz, the former head of cryptography at Ripple has been appointed the new Technical Director (CTO). Kahina Van Dyke has been appointed Senior Vice President of Business Development and Enterprise.

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, said:

« David and Kahina illustrate the success. At each stage of their career, they have shown the kind of leadership qualities and business prowess that will be critical as Ripple continues to grow. It’s a fantastic duo that showcases both facets of Ripple. David is a globally recognized leader in the world of Blockchain and digital assets, and Kahina is a seasoned veteran in the traditional banking and financial services industries.»

David Schwartz will now be responsible for Ripple’s technology development, focusing on improving the speed and number of transactions that Ripple’s services can handle. Schwartz commented on his new position:

«As a technical director, I will lead a group of world-class engineers, scientists, and business leaders, making work every day more exciting. I am looking forward to the challenge.»

Kahina Van Dyke becomes responsible for the future development of Ripple as a company. His experience gives him the expertise of choice in risk reduction and the bringing together of people around the world through financial technology services. She also commented on her new role:

«By reducing friction and offering better options for individuals and businesses, Ripple offers an undeniable opportunity to be a transformational force for good in the world of money. This is an exciting time in the industry – and I feel very lucky to be involved in creating the next generation of global payments. »

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