Opera tests a cryptocurrency wallet integrated into its mobile browser

Opera is launching a new mobile navigation software with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet. Currently, those wishing to participate in Beta must apply to Opera.

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Opera is a company of Norwegian origin that was sold to a Chinese consortium in 2016. The company, which currently controls only a small part of the market, announced last month that it had filed its first appeal documents public offering to the SEC. The new browser wallet is not the first cryptocurrency feature that Opera offers. In fact, in January, he announced that anti-cryptojacking features had been added to his mobile and desktop browsers.

Charles Hamel, crypto product manager at Opera, commented:

“We hope this will accelerate the transition from cryptocurrency speculation and investment to use for real payments and transactions in the daily lives of our users.”

Depending on the version, the browser allows you to use the crypto wallet without additional PIN or password; the browser “relies instead on the lock of the secure system of Android to sign transactions Crypto Wallet. “

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