NiceHash and Excavator finally support the X16r

The X16r mining algorithm, which became known at the launch of Ravencoin (RVN), is still attracting interest. Indeed, NiceHash, the famous mining platform, has just added support for this algorithm through its latest update.

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The Excavator mining software, developed by the platform, has just been updated and now accepts the X16r mining algorithm which is used in particular for Ravencoin mining.

If you have Nvidia GPUs, this mining software can be interesting because it is compatible with many algorithms like Equihash, Pascal, Decred, Sia, Lbry, Blake2s, Ethash, Lyra2Rev2, Keccak, Neoscrypt, CryptoNoght V7 and Lyra2z . This minor is not open source and you can download it in binary version for Linux and Windows.

The simplest is to go through the NiceHash site to take advantage of the automatisms offered by the platform.

The mining of Ravencoin in full expansion

The interest in Ravencoin (RVN) mining seems to be growing day by day. It is however a very little known corner launched in January of this year with very little information on the project. The development is however very fast: the wallet is very well done and the transactions are very fast. The development team is obviously working in the spirit of Bitcoin by focusing on the code marketing, which is not a bad thing when we see the number of projects full of beautiful promises that do not succeed.
RVN was launched without ICO or premined corner. It is fair in its distribution because it is shabby GPU accessible to the greatest number or CPU via the wallet client, all in solo, that is to say without a pool (less efficient without pool). It uses the X16R algorithm. In addition, the development team decided to maintain this ease of mining by making the corner resistant to ASICS. You can have a look at the X16R white paper here …

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