Satt: ICO wants to revolutionize advertising transactions thanks to the Blockchain!

ATAYEN, founded by Stéphanie Clément and Gauthier Bros from Aix-en-Provence, specialised in applications for business pages on Facebook have been successful with applications such as Iframe Apps, Contact Form, Store and Automatic Newsletter, launches an Initial Coin Offering to launch the Token Tokens (Smart Advertising Transaction Token).

ATAYEN in figures is 1,000,000 customers, 4,000,000 facebook pages installed, ATAYEN is supported by Kima Venture and DotCorp Asset Management. ”

The advertising market is estimated at more than 247 billion dollars, ATAYEN intends to allow the revolution and the global fluidity of advertising transactions thanks to the blockchain with the Token SaTT.

Usefulness of Token

SaTT tokens will be used to govern advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers, thanks to Ethereum’s SMARTCONTRACT technology, SaTT tokens will make transactions faster, safer and less expensive.

Thanks to the Smart Contract SaTT, an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns whose conditions of participation and results will be stored in decentralized distributed registers (blockchain).

The SATT Wallet

To facilitate participation in the ICO and prove their expertise ATAYEN has created an Ethereum portfolio that can be defined as “Paypal Cryptocurrency”. The “wallet SaTT” to exchange cryptocurrency in a few clicks with friends. Previously ICOs only concerned a small population of insiders: The digital wallet SaTT opens it to the greatest number: a revolution in the revolution!

ICO parameters:

  • Crowdsale value : $ 104 160 000
  • SaTT price: $ 0,42
  • Pré-ICO date April 4th, 2018 / 20h
  • Start ICO: May 1st, 2018


“A revolution is starting, of which bitcoin was only the precursor”

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