Crypto Analysis: Update and new features

Most features are now available. Through this article, I would like to come back with you on the various novelties to allow everyone to benefit  from it fully!

Let’s start with the very foundation of the site: Copy Trading
All fixes have been made. Now you can choose 1 or more traders, and you are master of the capital allocated to each trader. All subscribers to the site are, by default, potential traders. This latest information takes us right to our most innovative features: TradinCeption!
An unprecedented innovation: TradinCeption.

Behind this name, lies above all a technology that allowed us to make possible what no other trading platform had managed to put in place before …. Clearly, since you will trade on your Crypto Analyze account (Whether for your account, with the bot, or the order of a trader you follow) it will be AUTOMATICALLY relayed to your potential subscribers.

Simply put, ANY action on Crypto Analytics is likely to earn you 10 euros per subscriber!

Here is a small video presentation of the TradinCeption, basically it is an advertisement, but until the release of the tutorials I think it will help you.


You now find all your winnings, in real time on the “Parameter” page. On one side your earnings through sponsorship, and on the other hand your earnings through your subscribers.

To guarantee your anonymity, if you wish to keep it, we have opted for relatively flexible means of payment. Thus, you can withdraw your winnings via bank transfer, but also via PayPal.

Without a perfectly functional site, it is not very useful. YOU are right, and we listened to you.

Display fixes, and operating fixes:

The statistics have been debugged, from now on you will have access to the traders’ statistics, but also to yours freely. The formula has been revised, they will be updated twice a day (for copy trading) so as not to overload the Binance API. The home page display has been revised and slightly modified. The stop loss standard orders that did not pass were corrected.

Now we have a clean and functional platform that we can use to provide you with better service every day.

We will start today!

Our trading BOT will be launched in the week. We will take advantage of this update to bring all the latest patches and then … We are actively recruiting qualified traders.

For this, Crypto Analysis goes international. We will offer all our content in French and English in order to attract as many people on the platform in order to offer you trades of the best talents on the planet.


Thus, we will begin today to contact influencers, independent traders, and several communities from around the world.

In the coming days, several new traders verified should be accepted and copied on the platform. We will invite all those who offer signals to come and express their talent with real management. And so, you should be able to enjoy a few weeks of incomparable service!


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