TRON blocks 33.3 billion Tokens until 2020

Tron blocks nearly 30% of the tokens on 1000 different addresses and will give the possibility to the community to regularly monitor these addresses. 

Why a thousand Addresses? 

By distributing the tokens on several different addresses, the company protects itself from a possible Hack. If ever one of the addresses is compromised, they will always have the opportunity to intervene urgently and to secure the others. 

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What impact on the TRX market? 

Justin Sun, the leader of the project, says he is ready to do anything to guarantee for the sustainability of the TRON community. It was already in this perspective that he had destroyed more than 50 million euros Tokens in June. Indeed, reducing the quantity of token available for purchase can only have a positive impact on the market. 

The effect of scarcity

It is the scarcity effect that is causing the price increase. Of course, Justin Sun seeks to value his token. This is reminiscent of Ripple who had blocked 55 billion on December 7th, before seeing its price explode.


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