Kumamoto area to host 14,000-machine mining farm

Kumamoto Electric Power Company and OZ Mining Corporation will start a mining farm in August 2018. Both companies have announced that they will run a mining farm from August. The complex will consist of 14,000 mining machines and is expected to make a profit of 90 million yen (€ 681,000) by March 2020.

Kumamoto City is located on Kyushu Island, Japan. Kumamoto Electric Power is already well involved in the promotion of mining farms in Japan, offering cheaper sources of electricity. “Since the liberalization of the electricity market in early 2016, more and more electricity companies are offering attractive electricity rates. In the Kyushu region, I believe that Kumamoto Electric Company offers one of the lowest rates, “said a Kumamoto Electric Company sales agent.

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Other mining farms are also setting up in Japan, particularly in the north with the arrival of the company Alt in the city of Fukui. The Japanese startup has decided to take up residence in the north of the country to install its new mining farm. It benefits from a municipal policy that promotes the development of technology companies in the Fukui region. The local government offers several grants to innovative startups.

We give businesses who want to settle in our city payment up to half of their rent for three years..

This is what Hiroyasu Yoshida, a representative of the Fukui Municipality, said..

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