GMO publishes mining results for June

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GMO has released its mining report for the month of June. According to the report, the company has mined 1,906 BTC and 636 BCH since the beginning of its activity last December. The most interesting is that the firm has mined 528 BTC and 62 BCH during this month of June, which illustrates the performance of its new machines using 7 nm engraving chips. 

An OMG spokesman said that in the future:

We will decide the mining ratio between BCH or BTC, depending on the market environment.

As mentioned previously, GMO Internet has announced its new Bitcoin miner, the GMO Miner B3. This is an ASIC minor succeeding B2 released in June and sold out quickly after its announcement.

Equipped with chips engraved in 7 nm, the GMO Miner B3 offers a calculation power of 33 TH / s on the SHA-256 mining algorithm. It seems, according to the June report results, that the Japanese company is already using its new miner. 

The GMO Miner B3 is already unavailable for sale only a few days after its announcement and the opening of pre-orders.

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