During the World Cup TV broadcasts Advertising for the Blockchain

The Blockchain is a fairly new technology whose actors are fighting to have the main place and thus allow its adoption by the masses. One of these companies, Hyundai Digital Asset Company (Hdac) has paid to air a TV commercial to promote its services based on Blockchain solution during this year’s World Cup in Russia. The spot lasts only 30 seconds, but it is a first and this kind of advertising could allow a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies and its technology.  

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The Swiss company Hyundai Digital Asset Company has paid for the broadcast of a 35-second spot highlighting its products using Blockchain technology. This is the first time that such an advertisement can be seen on television and the company plans to broadcast its spot 80 times during the entire period of the football world cup currently being held in Russia. 

Hdac Technology builds the future with the Blockchain” immediately highlights the spot at the bottom of the screen. The scene opens up to a modern family in the near future. They have holographic imaging to serve basic needs even a little girl can use them with confidence, the family leaves and suddenly, the home appliances start communicating, calculating, working for their teachers during their absence. “The Hdac technology platform is smart and secure, thanks to the Blockchain solution “concludes the announcement.

We question the impact that this kind of advertising can have on the adoption of cryptocurrencies and its technology. Do you think that television advertising is the way to go to make known this technology and the projects that develop around? 

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