Bitmain becomes one of 21 Block Producers on EOS

This is news that has something to shake. Bitmain, the mining giant Bitcoin, becomes one of 21 Block Producers on EOS! 

Bitmain, the controversial giant 

Bitmain, a mining giant, now holds more than 40% of the mining power on the Bitcoin network. The company seems to want to reach 51%, which would allow it to corrupt Bitcoin blockchain for the first time. Now, the company “attacks” EOS, becoming one of the 21 entities that allow transactions on EOS. 

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EOS centralized decentralization

EOSIO is also a very controversial blockchain, direct competitor of Ethereum, it differs in particular by this famous system of Block Producer very controversial. Seeing the two companies getting closer is almost no wonder. Nevertheless, it raises a lot of questions. Would Bitmain seek control over EOS? Can we trust the Block Producer? 

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