New GPUs dedicated to mining

RebTech is a Romanian company quite unknown to the public, however, some products could be really interesting for us, because it has a motherboard and GPU dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrencies and it has particular characteristics. The design of these two products is interesting because studied only for mining.

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The RebTech USB-VGA AMD Radeon RX470 8GB GPU is a graphics card specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. This GPU does not connect to PCI-e as we are used to, but directly in USB 3.0, which makes it possible to do without Risers, which are often capricious expansion cards and whose lifetime is not very high. Despite its limited mining design, this GPU still includes an HDMI port, which allows connecting to a screen without going through team-viewer or something similar.

The RebTech 8GPU-MB motherboard is probably a very interesting product for mining because it will be possible to connect up to 8 GPUs in USB 3.0 to it. This motherboard comes complete and ready to use with an AMD A6-8500 processor that includes a GPU, 4 GB of RAM in DDR3 and a 120 GB SSD. The RebTech 8GPU-MB motherboard comes in the form of a classic GPU, which should be very handy for mounting a RIG. Indeed, this motherboard format can save a lot of space when building a mining RIG.

The new RebTech motherboard is powered by 12V thanks to a single 6-pin PCI-e port, always like a GPU. This means that you can opt for a server-based power supply that is cheaper and more efficient than the conventional power supplies we usually use for our RIGs.

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