Crypto jacking rising on Linux

A new report on the Internet security of an independent cybersecurity firm has highlighted the growing threat of crypto jacking cases. The findings of this report show that in the first quarter of 2018, almost all malicious mining software was adapted to be installed on computers using Linux as the operating system.

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According to the latest WatchGuard Technologies report, crypto jacking cases have multiplied significantly and could become a leading form of malicious attack in the near future. This type of malware is expected to enter the top 10 cyber threats by the end of the year.

These are the words of Corey Nachreiner, Technical Director of WatchGuard Technologies, about this:

Although we only release this report at the end of each quarter, our Threat Lab team reviews the results of malicious programs every day. At the beginning of the second quarter, our daily data shows that several “malicious miners” are continually appearing on our list in the top 25. Although it is too early to say whether they will enter the top 10 for the second quarter, we expect that they will continue to grow in popularity in the coming quarters.

The report notes the detection of 98.8% of malicious software using a script that downloads and runs a Linux-based cryptocurrency miner. It also provides insight into the nature of these crypto jacking attacks, giving details of how a script forces Linux devices to download and run a Monero miner that ends up consuming the computing power of the computer.

The information allowing to draw conclusions from this report are collected through a network of more than 40,000 active threat management devices deployed around the world.


All Internet users should take preventive measures, including those working on the Linux operating system, which has a stronger reputation than Windows-based operating systems for cybersecurity.

WatchGuard recommends that everyone install an anti-mining browser extension like No Coin, just to make sure your system is not at risk.

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