Mapping illegal mining

The cryptocurrency mining industry can be very lucrative and often makes it easy for ill-intentioned people to profit illegally.

RiskIQ, a research and analytics company, has published an infographic detailing the state of global mining. The company is among the largest research authorities in digital threat management and claims to have followed the mining industry for 23 weeks.

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RiskIQ’s web scanning technology downloaded and analyzed data from thousands of websites to evaluate and determine individual components that pointed to cryptocurrency mining software. The company analyzed the 10,000 most visited websites in the world based on the values determined by Alexa, with parameters such as the seniority of mining, prevalence and infrastructure.

The results of this research show that 415 “frequented” servers used cryptocurrency miners. The domains in “. com ” has attracted more than 4,268 cases of illegal mining. Domains”. fm “and” .net “respectively got 3,027 and 388 threats.

In terms of country, research has revealed that illegal mining came mainly from the United States, Germany and France. RiskIQ does not provide precise numbers regarding the number of IP addresses affected

I invite you to read this very interesting analysis report. It will teach you in particular which are the most used software by hackers to divert your computing power towards their portfolios.

Adam Hunt, Data Manager at RiskIQ, concluded:

« In the case of cryptocurrency extraction scripts, organizations must list all the third-party code running on their websites and detect the cases of actors threatening their brand on illegitimate Internet sites. The actors of the threat realize the lack of visibility of these organizations and target them accordingly. »

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