A GPU accelerator on M2 port

The company SQUIRRELS RESEARCH LABS has announced the arrival of a new type of card to accelerate the performance of GPU for mining.

We remember «OhGodAnETHlargementPill » which offered up to 30% more performance to minors using Nvidia GTX 1080 cards.

Today, SQUIRRELS RESEARCH LABS offers us FPGA cards capable of improving the hashrate of our GPUs by offering them up to 100% more power.

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ACORN, the GPU booster

Originally developed as a computing power booster in a private mining farm, the Acorn emerged from the shadows a few weeks ago. We did not know much about it until the founder of Squirrels Research Labs announced that he planned to market this device to individuals.

The Acorn is a small FPGA card with 100k or 200k LE (logical elements) and a small amount of RAM (512 MB – 1 GB). This small card that plugs into the M2 port of your motherboard is able to perform some computing operations much faster than any GPU.

In the case of a mining RIG, the Acorn assists the GPUs by offloading part of their tasks. Everything about memory and other heavy tasks are assigned to GPUs, while the other tasks, less burdensome and less demanding in memory are entrusted to ACORN.

From what we know, the Acorn module is a complement to GPUs. It should work with a wide range of GPUs regardless of the manufacturer. The performance gain will depend on the GPU model. I joined the waiting list and I can’t wait to test this type of product and share my feedback.

In some cases, ACORN can be used alone, without GPU, in particular on algorithms that are not very greedy in memory. According to the results at the level of the hashrate, the independent mining of these cards (without GPU) could be profitable since they consume barely 15 W in operation.

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