When sports teams undermine cryptocurrencies

After setting up Bitcoin as a payment method in 2014, the Sacramento Kings have just signed a partnership with MiningStore.com, a major supplier of cryptocurrency mining equipment. The NBA team is already known for its commitment to new technologies. Indeed, since 2014, bitcoin is an integral part of possible means of payment on its website. In addition, the team’s stadium in California is powered solely by solar energy. It is the first sports organization that officially accepts cryptocurrency.

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Ryan Montoya, technical director of the team, said:

“We have always pushed the boundaries of innovation. “

He added that the Kings were the first team in the NBA to use Twitter, drone technology and Google Glass for their home games. Montoya also noted that by launching their Golden 1 Center, NBA spectators were able to see how the Kings used the latest technologies to conduct their sports operations.

Sacramento Kings owner and president, Vivek Ranadive, said he had focused his efforts on the use of bitcoin by his sports team for a few years now and that he would now like the company to use blockchain technology effectively. He believes that using the Blockchain will make the organization’s business processes more efficient, as it is already the case for other industries.

Through their partnership with MiningStore.com, the Kings plan to install mining equipment at their California-based sports complex, the Golden 1 Center, which is powered entirely by solar energy. Montaya pointed out that their arena is a level 4 data center, “something similar to what you expect from Google and Amazon. “

The Sacramento Kings will mine Ethereum using their partner’s equipment. The proceeds from this operation will be donated to MiningForGood, a fund to provide scholarships for technology and career services.

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