ICO Market Analysis – Last Week of June 2018

Reasonable amounts were raised this week with ICOs below $ 40 million except for HybridBlock which reached more than $ 47 million. HybridBlock is a cryptocurrency trading platform and had a hard cap of $ 50M that was almost reached.

Throughout the month of May 2017, Flashmoni remains in the lead with $ 72M raised. All other ICOs reached a maximum of $ 50M.

The 5 ICOs raising the most funds today are Dragon, HDAC, Filecoin, Tezos and EOS with amounts between $ 185M and $ 320M.

The 9 countries that have seen the most ICOs on their soil are the USA, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Cyprus, Slovenia and the British Virgin Islands. The US is well ahead with nearly $ 3 billion raised on their soil, although they did not realize an ICO this week.

Ethereum maintains its clear platform dominance used for ICOs with more than 80% of the shares. The other platforms are all less than 3% of the shares.

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The funds raised in the last four weeks are only going down. Less ICO so fewer funds raised overall. The average funds raised by ICO remain substantially the same. The general decline of the cryptos market in recent months explains this decline. Indeed, several project leaders have decided to postpone their ICO.

On a monthly scale, the number of ICOs in May 2018 holds the record for the last 12 months. But the average raised funds have been falling since March. This means that there were a lot of OICs completed in May, but the funds raised by ICO are going down. If we look at June, we have even less ICO and less raised funds. In terms of funds raised, the decline actually began: we returned to the levels of last fall! If the cryptos market does not rise, the decline in ICO will continue as well.

If we look at the ICO market, the two industries that stand out are the cryptocurrency platforms and the new cryptocurrencies. More than 1000 ICOs for each year since, with an average of funds raised around $ 5M.

In terms of return on investment, NEO is still leading with a ROI of 93,225%! In April 2018, Consentium was the most profitable with an ROI today of 704%.

You can download the full report HERE.

All data is from ICObench, with permission.

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