10 interesting ICOs for early July

InvestIn presents you with a new format: a list of interesting ICOs and their description including the presale or the public sale will take place in the next 7 days. That does not mean you have to invest in it, it’s just our top of the week. Do your own research, we bring you all the elements every week, in this article!


Beginning of presale on July 1st

FlipNpik is the first blockchain-based collaborative social media designed for local businesses. In the FlipNpik ecosystem, the value generated is distributed in a fair and decentralized way among all active employees: consumers, companies and ambassador partners. The primary mission is to contribute to the improvement of the local economy and promote local and responsible consumption circuits.


Beginning of presale on July 4th

GAMB is an autonomous and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce, powered by smart contracts, enhanced by open source development and enhanced by the world’s first blockchain merchant alliance. This concept is supported by GAMBIO – the # 1 e-commerce software provider in Germany with annual revenues of $ 2.8 billion in 2017.


Beginning of the public sale on July 1st

The freelance market does not have enough standards to build a relationship of trust between customers and providers. To solve this problem, GigTricks has built a blockchain-based ecosystem to increase the transparency, trust and reliability of all these players on a single platform. All actions are recorded and verifiable in the unfalsifiable nature blockchain.


Beginning of the public sale on July 4th

Grapevine World is a decentralized and borderless ecosystem for seamless and standardized exchange of health data. Health data is exchanged according to a set of existing standards that have been used in very high-level projects around the world. Grapevine enables a transparent exchange of health data in a standardized and secure way. Individuals have full access to their data which is otherwise exploited by informed consent.


Beginning of the public sale on July 1st

The goal is to bring together all the technological solutions and combine them to crypto mechanize automatically: solar panels, electricity storage system, immersion cooling, auto-mining, self-learning control system that changes cryptocurrency according to the state of the market.


Beginning of the public sale on July 7th

IAGON is a platform to exploit the storage capacities and the processing power of several computers in a decentralized way on the blockchain. IAGON makes it possible to store large data files in order to carry out complex calculation processes, for example, the calculations necessary to make artificial intelligence.

OPP Open Wifi

Beginning of presale on July 1st

OPP Open WiFi is a community-based service aimed at creating a free, open and secure global wireless WiFi hotspot network and rewarding each contributor for their involvement. There are nearly 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, 80% of whom are active on social networks. Wi-Fi access has become a part of our daily lives.


Beginning of the public sale on June 30th

The goal is to protect the digital resources of the general public without blocking data at any time. Private keys and passphrases can be shared between stakeholders in a transparent and secure way. The protocol distributes the roles so that the initiator retains control of its assets.


Beginning of presale on July 6th

Sentigraph is a system that provides predictive information to improve future events based on emotion data obtained by analyzing user responses to a given event using artificial intelligence (IBM Watson) and the blockchain. An appropriate use case is the analysis of Twitter hashtags to determine the durability of an event. The system can analyze stock markets, social media, politics, health care and national security via Twitter related hashtags.


Beginning of presale on July 5th

Zeex makes it possible to buy products and services in cryptocurrency without going through Fiat currencies. It’s free, commission free, secure, decentralized and anonymous. Zeex has relationships with more than 350 global brands including Amazon, Adidas, Nike, Tesco, etc. The concept is a seamless exchange of virtual cryptographic cards to virtual gift cards, allowing for crypto shopping.

This is our personal analysis. We do not give you investment advice. Do your own research from various sources.

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