16 ICO to follow


Today, we offer you a list of ICOs with a brief summary and our opinion for each of them. These are ICOs for which we have a great interest. The criteria we have chosen are various: the vision of the future, improvement of the blockchain, the solidity of the team, the community that follows them, partners who support them …

We’ll do a detailed analysis of each ICO per week, stay tuned 😉

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Ankr Network

Summary: Network of computers in the cloud with a simplified interface, based on the proof of work protocol. Suitable for individuals and professionals.

Our opinion: Very ambitious and very popular project that tackles the deficiencies of today’s blockchain.

ICO Dates: Coming soon



Summary: Network solution for connected objects, based on the proof of service protocol.

Our opinion: The complete project will take some time to complete (mid-2019) but shows a lot of seriousness, an innovative project and very strong key partners.

ICO Dates: Coming soon



Summary: Data management protocol between autonomous vehicles (cars, drones …), other vehicles, passengers and operators.

Our opinion: Project that has a horizon of a few years can really be very profitable. Diverse team and partners from the best companies (Google, NASA, Ford, SAP …).

ICO Dates: Ends June 25, 2018



Summary: A blockchain-based global list of health professionals to make health care better traceable and more transparent.

Our opinion: The way in which support and monitoring of health care around the world are managed needs to be improved. Etheal tackles it with a strong project, team and community. However, the competition will be tough.

ICO Dates: Begins June 25, 2018



Summary: Wants to make the blockchain scalable up to 10M transactions per second and 100 milliseconds of latency.

Our opinion: Idea not new but the expected results are exceptional. Team and very strong partners. We will follow this project closely in the coming months.

Dates of the ICO: 3rd quarter 2018


Hedera Hashgraph

Summary: A new form of distributed consensus platform. Just like Ethereum, which can support decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Our opinion: Very big potential and speed of transactions impressive. Not enough info on tokens metrics at this point. Not sure if there is a public sale, we will be vigilant on the private sale.

ICO Dates: Coming soon


Keep Network

Abstract: A network that allows smarts contracts to access private data on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Our opinion: Respond to a concrete problem with a smart solution. We regret the absence of Testnet (possibility of testing the product).

ICO Dates: Coming soon



Summary: NEO-based decentralized platform allowing professionals to recruit and manage their employees and their providers.

Our opinion: Project very useful and undervalued with a very good team. Attention, very big competitors such as Talao, Upwork or LinkedIn.

ICO dates: July 2018



Summary: A virtual operating system based on the NEO blockchain, which is transparent and where the user controls his data.

Our opinion: Project that has a lot of popularity but that looks more like an App store decentralized applications of NEO rather than the new Internet of the future.

ICO dates: July 2018



Summary: Allows secure data on blockchain applications via a key management system. A kind of decentralized and encrypted DropBox.

Our opinion: A partner in particular Origin Protocol (see below), NuCypher has no competitor in the world of cryptos. However, big traditional competitors exist such as Amazon Cloud HSM, Google Cloud KMS and Azure Key Vault.

ICO Dates: Coming soon


Orchid Protocol

Summary: Open-source and decentralized technology for a free Internet surveillance and censorship.

Our opinion: A serious team with a complete and technical whitepaper proposes to revolutionize the free internet, which is very attractive. Large investment funds support this project. No info on the public ICO. Will they make one?

ICO Dates: Coming soon


Origin Protocol

Summary: a Decentralized collaborative economy platform on the blockchain allowing users to control their private data. Contender of Airbnb and Uber.

Our opinion: 30 projects on the blockchain announced to use Orchid Protocol, which guarantees the usefulness of the ORIGIN token.

ICO Dates: June 28, 2018


Origo Network

Summary: a Decentralized platform of applications respecting private data and confidentiality.

Our opinion: Many partners, a big community. The idea is good: improve Ethereum by making the data private. Attention competitors: Ethereum improving, NEO, EOS, Cardano.

ICO Dates: Coming Soon (open whitelist)



Summary: Scalable protocol based on DAG that will help develop decentralized applications that require large computing and storage resources.

Our opinion: The developers offer a very clean and fast solution. The PERL token will be mined. There are many competitors in the DAG protocols but this one seems the most solid. If the adoption by the miners is done, the project will have a very bright future.

ICO Dates: Coming soon



Summary: A decentralized exchange to buy cryptocurrency with any currency.

Our opinion: The team with experience on blockchain launches an original exchange platform that could well make its place among the big ones.

Dates of the ICO: June 25, 2018



Summary: A DAG platform for high-performance, next-generation decentralized applications.

Our opinion: Sector in evolution, Vite has many competitors but who are recent. The team has good diplomas and is very experienced on the blockchain, their project is likely to succeed against competitors.

ICO Dates: Coming soon

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